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Specializing in Residential Landscape Design

How does the Design Process work?

What are the fees for a Custom Landscape Plan or Detailed Planting Plan?
•    The fee for Detailed Planting Plans or Landscape Plans is charged at approximately $1.00 per square foot.  This is easy to calculate since all plans are to scale.  For example if you have a back yard area that needs to be designed and it is 50’ wide x 28’ deep = 1,400 square feet, the charge to design that area would be approximately $1,400.

How do I pay?
•    Once we meet or talk about your project I will create a deisgn proposal that will be sent via email. Payment link will be provided to pay by Visa, MasterCard, Amercian Express, or Discover.  Personal Checks are also accepted.  A 50% deposit is required at the start of the project.  The 50% balance is due when you receive your completed plans.

Landscape Consults:
If you need professional advice about your landscape project than a landscape consultation may be what you need.  I can help you make the correct choices for your specific planting zone and get the project done right the first time.
With a Landscape Consult you would send me your questions and/or photos via email and receive back the suggestions and photos in a typed .word document customized to your specific project.  If you are located in the South Orange County, CA area I am available to meet in-person.

Landscape consults for an average size front and back yard (approx 7,000 square foot lot) are $350-$450 with most consults averaging about twelve to fifteen pages in length.

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How to get the Landscape Design
process started:

•    The first step is to fill out the Contact Questionnaire or call me (949)347-5690 with basic information about your project. 

If you live in the South Orange County, CA area than I can personally meet with you to review your project and take measurements.  There is no charge for this initial meeting.

•    Once I have completed your scaled computer generated design I will send it to you via email as a .pdf file (or mail hard copies).  We then can discuss it via phone and I can answer any questions you may have.  Custom Planting Plans will be detailed showing where to place & plant each plant in the border.  I also will create a detailed “shopping list” of plants and trees listed by common name, botanical name, size and quantity. This list that corresponds with the detailed plan will make it easy for you or your contractor to get the correct plant material for the project and then plant it per plan.  If other elements are to be deisgned they will be part of the final plans.

•    I will do one set of changes or adjustments to the original design with no additional fee.  My goal is to have you happy with your final results!

•    Your Custom Landscape Plans will be a drawing that your contractor can bid the project from and install it from.  Detailed Planting Plans will show to scale where to place each plant and what type of plant to use.  Hardscape elements will be shown and specify details such as size and materials to be used.  If your contractor has any questions during the process, they may contact me and I will be more than happy to answer for no additional charge!